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Risk Management

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Got Risk?

If you can answer this question correctly, you are one step ahead of three quarters of your competitors. Most people simply don't know the answer, because they don't understand risk. Let's face it: "nobody is born knowing anything." That's where ABQ can help.

Price Risk Management is the active management of the financial risk associated with market price movements for the Client. In general, it is the nature of price hedging that in exchange for protection from price movements that can hurt you, you must forego the opportunities associated with price movements that can help you. However, in some instances, price risk management involves taking risk to obtain greater economic benefit.

ABQ can assist your firm in a number of ways. We offer Training Seminars for you and your staff geared toward all levels of experience and understanding. We offer Consulting Services to help you identify your price risks, develop the criteria for measuring those risks, develop programs to manage those risks, and advise you in implementing those programs. If you prefer, or your resources don't allow you to staff the function, we can execute the programs on an out-sourced basis.

Just as with the rest of our services, you decide how much or little you need.