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How Can We Make A Difference?

The ABQ Energy Group currently manages assets for our clients in several ways. The first is directly, where we have physical control of the assets and the discretion to manage them in the manner that we deem optimal. The second is indirectly, where we manage asset value through commodity marketing and trading advisory consulting as well as independent oversight.

In the first category, we are currently contracted to manage natural gas production and associated transportation assets with an approximate annual value of $15 Million for a growing group of independent producers. Our services include gathering and transportation management, marketing and sales, price risk management, all related operational accounting, and compliance reporting.

We also manage commodity operations for a group of rapidly growing retail marketing companies. For these clients we handle all aspects of physical supply-chain management, including procurement, price risk management, transportation management, and related operational accounting for approximately $100 Million in annual requirements. Our clients' markets are located on 9 utility systems and involve transportation over 7 interstate pipelines nationwide.

In the second category, we currently manage natural gas production with an approximate annual value of $182 Million. Our advisory services include consulting in the areas of portfolio design, contracting, marketing and sales strategy, and regulatory issues. We also monitor market developments and translate them into business impacts that are easy to understand.