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How Can Our Performance Make A Difference?

If your firm is looking for an entrance to the energy markets and you are looking for a team of seasoned professionals with a proven track record to help you get there, look no further. We can assist you in putting your money to work in traditional oil and gas investments, structured trades, or simple speculative trading.

The ABQ Energy Group currently has energy commodity and transportation assets under management with an annual value approaching $300 Million. These include a wide array of assets ranging from flowing natural gas production, marketer supply portfolios, pipeline and storage capacity, and related hedge portfolios.

ABQ develops and manages structured physical arbitrage trades in the natural gas and electric power markets. We utilize proprietary trading systems for energy markets to help our clients time and manage their hedges, or trade for profits. Our managed portfolios have consistently out-performed their respective market benchmarks. Please click here to learn more about ABQ's past performance.