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Land Services

Due Diligence    Records Management


Contract Land Services Can Save You Money

The ABQ Energy Group offers a full range of cost effective Land Management Services to our clients. Whether you desire a permanent outsourcing of this workload, or you are faced with special projects, such as acquisitions, that would burden you current staff, the ABQ Energy Group provides innovative solutions for your special needs.

We can assist you in most areas of land management. Our General Land Services include assistance with title work, lease acquisition, and federal & state agency research. We can assist buyers and sellers with their Due Diligence processes. We can also assist you with the day-to-day Land and Property Management tasks, and help you avoid the headaches associated with database conversion.

Let the ABQ Energy Group assist you in managing your lease & contract records, division orders, delay rental and shut-in payments. Through our Integrated Production Management Service, payments to royalty & overriding royalty owners, as well as production tax payments are made on your behalf.

Call the ABQ Energy Group and let us help you today!

ABQ's General Land Management Services include:

Lease Acquisition Title Work Right-of-Way Acquisitions
Lease Divestiture Title Curative Federal/State Agency Search
Damage Settlements