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Gas Marketing & Sales

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There's a Lot of Money being made with your gas between the well and

the market.

How much of it do you get?

With ABQ, the answer is all of it. Well, most of it. We do charge for our service.

It's time for a new approach to gas marketing. Our service is unlike traditional marketing agreements where the "marketer" buys your product for a certain term at prices linked to an index. Let's face it, these guys aren't "marketing" your gas, they're buying it. When you buy a car, do you try to pay the highest possible price? We think you get our drift.

ABQ works for you, as your agent. It's like having your own commodity trading staff. We constantly monitor the markets, which change once in a while, and make strategic decisions each month regarding how to obtain the optimal value for our client's assets. Having identified any premium market opportunities, we make sales to creditworthy trading partners in those markets.

ABQ's portfolio management can substantially add to the price of your product. For more information on our services, just click on the button for Integrated Production Management, Natural Gas Trading, Risk Management, or Consulting.

Join the growing number of independent producers who are adding value to their bottom line with the ABQ Energy Group.